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... einfach größahrtig!!


- and a warm Welcome on our homepage!

Our Family Wine estate

...has been run by our family for generations. Today it's managed by Kai Größ-Ahr and his parents Gerhard & Gisela Größ-Ahr. The double name Größ-Ahr comes from an old rheinhessian tradition! The grand-granduncle Hermann Größ, ran a small estate in Partenheim in the 19th century. For Hermann Größ had no children of his own, he adopted grandfather Johann Ahr, who became a worker on the estate.

When Hermann Größ died, Johann Ahr inherited the estate including the name Größ. So today we can use our name without a doubt to expose our great wine and to familiarize the slogan... Our slogan einfach größahrtig! is a wordplay... In german "großartig" means something great. The word sounds nearly the same as the name of our Family. "einfach" means simply. So everybody understands simply great!

You can find our family estate in Partenheim near the only traffic light - which always seems to be RED!

About our wines

On our estate Größ-Ahr we try to find a balance between best possible use of natural resources and smooth and environmental friendly management of the vineyards. So we haven't used any insecticides in our vineyards for many years, but control insects with pheromone-traps. We're experimenting with algae substrates to fight mildew and even try to cure several diseases with regular baking soda.

For the future we plan to join with the organisation ECOVIN to get the official approbation as an ecological performing business. The natural cultivation of the vineyards and the considerate cultivation of the wines in our own cellars shows in our wines. We don't sell any mass products. Each wine is individually cultivated and available only in small numbers. Sometimes not more than 500 bottles of a certain wine, vintage and area exist.

Also with the use of modern technique a real wine is always a handcrafted product made from a certain type of vine, soil, weather and the knowledge and experience of the winemaker.

We are looking forward to your visit!


... einfach größahrtig!!


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